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Balls (Extract)

Balls (Extract)


Drama - Short

Fury Films


Director: Lily Cole
Producer: Kate Wilson
Partners: Bronte Parsonage, Foundling Museum, RVU

Starring: Tia Bannon, Sarah Gadon, John Sessions and Gillian Bevan

If there was a 95% chance your baby would die if they stayed with you...would you try to give them away? Two women discover whether or not the Foundling Hospital will take their babies...


Marking the 200th anniversary of Emily Brontë's birth and the 100th anniversary of female suffrage in the UK, we look at how far society has come in terms of increasing women's rights. We do this through the lens of Peggy and her young baby Heath, inspired by the true story of “Black Peggy”, a late 18th Century mother seeking help from the Foundling Hospital…

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