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The Taste of Ache & Action
Feature Documentary

Arts Council, Damselfish Productions, Fury Films

In post-production for completion summer 2020

Director: Charlotte Ginsborg

Producer: Kate Wilson

The film follows three avid boxers, fusing boxing and dance to create intimate portraits of men who are obsessed by the pugilistic art form. Charlotte Ginsborg filmed with the boxers over four years capturing the successes, failures and challenges they faced both in and outside of the ring. During this time each boxer was paired with a choreographer to develop bespoke dance sequences that they perform in the film. These sequences were shot on location; Epping Forest, East London streets, a liberal working man’s club and a derelict house, in a highly cinematic style to provide a startling contrast to the observational documentary footage.

By combining these two forms of movement - boxing and dance - the film presents an evocative journey into the world of the male psyche, challenging the macho image of the boxer and interrogating preconceived notions surrounding male identity. The film focuses on father son relationships and explores a time in London where economic tension is high, seen through the eyes of three complex men as they punch, pace and move.

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